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Eximiousfiction Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God read – Chapter 2919 – SS1 – Gentle Snow (1) telephone squeeze quote-p3
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

NovelReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Chapter 2919 – SS1 – Gentle Snow (1) debt abashed
March 6th, 2129.
Chapter 2919 SS1 – Light Snow (1)
“Ouroboros is a real problematic Guild. Should you pay a visit to any other Guild, you would’ve long since become the Guild Innovator there along with your worth,” Zhao Yueru stated, sighing. She then recommended, “Now that you’re completed with work, I bet you’re hungry, right? Let’s head to that new eating place. I observed that this eating place added some new recipes to its menu the other day, and they seem to be quite well-known. I’ve been carrying back me on account of you.”
March sixth, 2129.

Within the vivid and tidy master bedroom situated on the top rated floors of Ouroboros’s most important headquarters…
In the conflict between four initially-amount Guilds and over 20 second-speed Guilds, the first-rate Guild Ouroboros blossomed since the victor and have become Dragon Demon War’s Empire Overlord. On this success becoming its base, Ouroboros could have a ma.s.sive convenience due to the future projects in the online game.
Inside of a vivid and neat master bedroom located on the top rated flooring of Ouroboros’s key headquarters…
For the health of consuming power over the Guild her elder brother put aside, Light Snow were required to attain worth that could tell everybody in the Guild of her proficiency. In the end, the White Clan Group of people wasn’t the only user of Ouroboros. There were clearly still several other organizations support Ouroboros’s creation.
“But didn’t you succeed within the final battle this point? Those Grand Elders must have absolutely nothing to say following this, ideal?”
Mild Snowfall couldn’t assistance but experience somewhat discouraged over her close friend. Regardless of Zhao Yueru by having an exceptional expertise for virtual fact video games, she presented no distinct interest in them in any respect. Zhao Yueru also didn’t like doing the job. If she hadn’t forcibly dragged Zhao Yueru to aid her in Ouroboros, her companion would probably continue to be jobless even until now and will be berated continuously by Uncle Zhao for being ineffective.
“Are you going to give up stuff in Dragon Demon Warfare?” Zhao Yueru questioned in amaze.
In the interests of consuming control over the Guild her elder brother left out, Mild Snow were required to carry out advantages that may convince everybody in the Guild of her abilities. All things considered, the White Clan Group of people wasn’t the only owner of Ouroboros. There were still several other providers support Ouroboros’s creation.
“Delicacies?” A grin made an appearance on Delicate Snow’s confront when she read Zhao Yueru’s thoughts. “I recently read that the new virtual real life activity will almost certainly launch before long. While I don’t know which company is establishing this game, I heard that it features a strong origin. On top of that, the game’s realism fee extends to nearly 99Percent, as well as the online game world believes almost like the real world. You must be able to preference a great deal of delicacies there.”
In the mean time, these companies definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Light Snowfall simply because she was the younger sister of Ouroboros’s creator. This became simply because Ouroboros was now a prominent 1st-rate Guild, and quite a few likes and dislikes were included in the Guild. Exactly the sponsors.h.i.+ps and promoting rates Ouroboros got annually amounted to a couple of billion Credits. In addition to, the Guild still obtained several other advantages from the activities it needed aspect in.
Zhao Yueru, who wore a red-colored miniskirt and possessed a s.e.xy and curvaceous shape, witnessed as Delicate Snow climbed beyond her electronic gaming cabin. She then grumbled a difficulty, “Qingxue, aren’t you working a touch too hard? You’ve fought nonstop for over one week during this war, but you will still want to continue functioning rather than unwinding. I wound up having to stop by that new cafe by myself.”
With regard to using power over the Guild her elder sibling put aside, Mild Snowfall was required to carry out worth that can encourage everybody in the Guild of her abilities. Naturally, the Bright Clan Class wasn’t the only operator of Ouroboros. There are still other firms support Ouroboros’s growth.
“Dragon Demon Warfare is merely scored within the top 30 of exclusive truth activities. Whilst it is quite widely used, it can be numerous leagues underneath the top 10 activities. Also, this new match referred to as G.o.d’s Sector is a thing the different Awesome Guilds have arranged their attractions on. This is a great chance for me.” In a earnest color, Gentle Snow said, “So long since i can reach fantastic advantages in G.o.d’s Website, I really believe not any of the Fantastic Elders needs to have any more ideas of me!”
“It ought to be true.” Experiencing Zhao Yueru’s immediate attraction, Light Snowfall smiled and spelled out, “Although I don’t know the specific particulars, I read a large number of Excellent Guilds wish to s.h.i.+feet their concentration to this new activity. Ouroboros is no exception to this rule likewise. So, I really believe this video game shouldn’t be bad.”
great sea stories of the world
Light Snowfall had became a member of Ouroboros for only 24 months. Having said that, together delightful and perfect body combined with her divine physical appearance, she acquired extended since be a life advertis.e.m.e.nt for Ouroboros. The truth is, any organization aiming to ask her to complete an ad would need to agenda a scheduled visit for just two several years later…
“These value remain inadequate,” Mild Snow said, shaking her go. “Recently, not alone do Cao Chenghua produce a lot of money from two exclusive real life game titles, but he has even gathered the total support of a big business. When I count only on my small triumphs in Dragon Demon Combat, I would personally be fortunate if I can match up him. If I want to have those Great Senior citizens stand on my part, I will still should do even more.”
“But didn’t you earn within the finalized challenge this time around? Individuals Great Senior citizens ought to have absolutely nothing to say next, ideal?”
“These advantages are still insufficient,” Light Snow explained, trembling her go. “Recently, not simply managed Cao Chenghua create a lot of money from two exclusive simple fact online games, but he has even gained the entire assistance of a big corporation. If I depend only on my own successes in Dragon Demon Conflict, I would be lucky when i can fit him. If I want to have individuals Great Seniors get up on my part, I will still need to do a lot more.”
“Are you planning to give up stuff in Dragon Demon Conflict?” Zhao Yueru required in amaze.
At nine o’clock at night, Soft Snowfall dress yourself in a collection of white pajamas and laid down in their virtual video gaming cabin. She then chose to log into G.o.d’s Domain.
“Yueru, you are aware of as well as I really do concerning the recent problem in Ouroboros. Although I’ve already crafted a good name for me, We have only linked the Guild not too long ago, naturally. I won’t manage to get the Grand Elders’ support without adequate merit.”
Even so, it was a unique storyline for G.o.d’s Domain. All people could have a new start in the video game. This may be the most effective step on her behalf to display her up-to-date expertise.
In the meantime, these companies definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Gentle Snowfall because she was younger sibling of Ouroboros’s inventor. This became mainly because Ouroboros was now a renowned initial-speed Guild, and several pursuits were actually associated with the Guild. Simply the sponsors.h.i.+ps and advertising and marketing rates Ouroboros obtained annually amounted to multiple billion Credits. In addition to, the Guild still received many other advantages of the computer games it had taken portion in.
Therefore triumph, across a hundred thousand Ouroboros subscribers experienced accumulated inside the capital city and were definitely currently commemorating. At the same time, main this victory bash was none other than whomever known as the Snow G.o.ddess, Soft Snowfall.
“But didn’t you win during the ultimate fight on this occasion? These Great Seniors needs to have absolutely nothing to say next, ideal?”

“In that event, I’ve resolved! I’ll properly strengthen myself and clear up Cao Chenghua’s henchmen!” Zhao Yueru said eagerly. “Once I do that, I’ll check if that classic male of my own still dares to call me pointless!”
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
“Hah…” Checking out Zhao Yueru’s radiant eyeballs, Light Snow sighed helplessly. “If you can immediate 1 / 2 your pa.s.sion for meal toward online simple fact games, you would’ve extended since end up on the list of Guild’s very best-standing specialists rather than being caught as just a common primary member at the moment.”
“Yueru, you recognize and I truly do in regards to the up-to-date situation in Ouroboros. While I have already crafted a reputation for myself, I have only became a member of the Guild just recently, all things considered. I won’t manage to get the Lavish Elders’ assistance without sufficient value.”

“Dragon Demon War is positioned within the top notch 30 of exclusive truth online games. Although it is extremely popular, it really is many leagues underneath the very best 10 video games. Moreover, this new activity termed G.o.d’s Sector is one challenge the a variety of Awesome Guilds have arranged their places on. This is a great chance of me.” In a earnest tone, Soft Snow mentioned, “So longer since i can obtain exceptional benefits in G.o.d’s Domain, I think none of them of such Lavish Seniors should have anymore opinions of me!”
“Delicacies?” A smile appeared on Gentle Snow’s face when she noticed Zhao Yueru’s words. “I not too long ago read that your particular new virtual actuality sport will almost certainly launch shortly. Even though I don’t know which company is creating this video game, I noticed that it comes with a effective source. Moreover, the game’s realism price reaches close to 99Percent, as well as the match entire world thinks much like real life. You can taste lots of delicacies there.”
“These merits continue to be not enough,” Soothing Snowfall said, trembling her travel. “Recently, not only performed Cao Chenghua create a fortune from two electronic actuality online games, but they have even gained the whole help of a large provider. If I rely only on my accomplishments in Dragon Demon Warfare, I would be lucky should i can match him. If I wish to have those Lavish Senior citizens stand on my side, I am going to still should do additional.”
The Stowaway Girl
“Delicacies?” A smile appeared on Soothing Snow’s facial area when she been told Zhao Yueru’s words. “I lately listened to that any new digital simple fact activity will certainly release shortly. Though I don’t know which company is producing this video game, I noticed that it possesses a highly effective origins. Also, the game’s realism fee extends to up to 99%, as well as video game planet feels much like real life. You should certainly tastes a lot of dishes there.”
Zhao Yueru couldn’t guide but sense distressed at observing Light Snow functioning so seriously. Of course, Mild Snow was her closest friend. Having said that, it was actually also simply because she was Light Snow’s companion that she comprehended Soothing Snow’s troubles and why Mild Snowfall couldn’t are living freely like herself.

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